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ST-001 Miqat (ميقات)

Time for a chronograph.

I always found that a chronograph timepiece is an absolutely monumental part of every watch collection. It’s a very engaging complication, one that is mesmerising to behold, and its heritage in racing and the automotive field in general makes it one of my favourite complications to work with. Thus came Miqat, a name derived from the word ‘Waqt’ وقت - or time - in Arabic.


There are countless chronograph watches in the market right now, but most - in my own humble opinion - lack in one key aspect; proportions. Proportioning is a sacred concept in any design, it’s the difference between a watch you’re always happy to look at, and a watch that you feel there’s something not quite right with. I spent months trying to perfect the proportions of Miqat, from choosing a suitable movement, to adjusting the size of the case, sub-dials, hands, and indecies constantly to reach the perfect blend.  


I was thrilled to see Miqat come to life, my first complete design right there on my wrist. By the time I was done with it, however, I was already thinking about what's next, I realised that there’s nothing stopping me from taking it to the next level. Project ST-002 was underway. 

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