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Bespoke dials.

Where it all began:

Stripping the craft down to its bare essentials, eliminating all the athletes’ special editions, all the diamond-encrusted-everythings , and all the braggadocio, there is no doubt that watchmaking is a pure form of art; a substantial addition to humanity’s beautiful portfolio, and I wanted in.


It was in 2016 that I started researching ways i could share my love for horology with the world, I wanted to start bringing the concepts I had in my mind to life right away, but having had no formal training in the field, I knew that would be impossible, and instead turned my focus to creating simple timepieces that feature bespoke, hand-painted dials made for every individual customer upon order. 


Those watches were wildly well received, I had the time of my life working with customers and bringing their visions to life. From galaxies, spirit animals, to famous art and abstract bodies,  I had the pleasure of portraying so much beauty on those dials.  After 2 years, however, I could no longer ignore the urge to step up my game, and so I stopped the project in search for something more. The design of ST-001 began.

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